I have taught courses at several Canadian universities, as well as the University of Warwick (UK). My interests mainly focus on British, Medieval, and Early Modern histories.

Informally, I have lead student workshops and study groups on digital humanities, focusing on website development and coding.

I have also been an invited lecturer for courses, as well as run an afternoon graduate workshop on the history of the senses, University of York (2013). In summer 2014 I will be a lecturer at the European Institute for the History and Culture of Food at Tours/France (IEHCA).

Department of History, McGill University
  • History 214: Introduction to European History, Fall 2013 – Large undergraduate survey course
  • History 394: Stuart Britain & Ireland, Fall 2010 – Upper level lecture course
  • History 204: History of Great Britain to 1688, Fall 2009 – British History Survey
Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University Department of History, Brock University Department of History, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • History 374 DE: Jews, ‘Witches’ & Heretics: Persecution & Toleration in pre-Modern Europe c. 1050-1700, Winter & Spring 2007 – Upper level online course; taught twice.
Department of History, University of Guelph
  • History 3750: The Reformation, Winter 2006 – Upper level lecture course
Department of History, University of Warwick (Tutor)
  • History H127: The Medieval World, 2003-2005 - Undergraduate Module (team taught lecture and discussion core survey course)