Visualizing Sensory Studies Scholar Tags with D3

I'm constantly looking for ways to combine my sensory history research and digital humanities. SensoryStudies.Org has a great resource - a list of researchers who are working in the field, and tags which they use to describe their work. It seems like a good thing for a D3 visualization, no? So I did one.

The method was pretty straightforward - grab all of the data from the HTML page and transform it. I used php and loaded a saved version of the page into simple_xml, parsed it, and dumped the scholars' names and tags into a simple MySQL table. I then collated all of the unique tags that had counts above 2, grouped them by scholar, and looped through so that we could see which tags appear with the top frequency tags. The question is - which topics appear with which?

I had to do some cleaning along the way - there were over 1000 unique tags. I dropped anything with the word 'studies' in it, and cut out sections of tags with 'Senses and', ' of the Senses' etc. as the senses really are implicit in the set anyhow.

Here's the result. It's a bit slow - and really doesn't fit here, so take a look at !