SCSC and Sense-motional Things

Just back from Sixteenth-Century Studies 2012 in Cincinnati, despite the Sandy / Frankenstorm. On the whole a good conference; my plenary panel on Thursday night went well considering that we really didn't have an idea about the format. At the end of it, it became clear however that there is a theme of connecting the senses and the emotions in a much more nuanced and robust manner. In numerous panels and papers the experiential, the sensuous, the emotional, and the role of practice were front and centre! quite a happy turn of events I think, considering these define my work in so many ways. Solid outcomes - seeing the Religion and the Senses in print for the first time (out on Oct 23 2012!), and celebrating that with Wietse de Boer and Walter Melion in a moment of excitement in the lobby; chats with Jan van Dijkhuizen over the senses and the emotions and our work in general (a panel is looming I think), and other chats of course - catching up with old friends too and meeting new ones.

And lots of people were saying they need to buy / read (in that order?) my book. Which is well worth the travel frankly, and wonderful to hear. And of course lots of other ideas too - teaching, articles, etc. And excitement over the sensuousness and iconophobia in Spain: the empire of the senses expands...